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HERS Energy Ratings Benefit Virtually Every Segment of the Housing Industry


The HERS Energy Ratings (HERS) Index enables homeowners to make informed decisions when planning to invest in cost-effective home energy improvements. QVINTA works closely with customers to gather data on their home energy use. We will not only determine your home's official HERS Index, but will also counsel you on strategies to improve energy efficiency.

The HERS rating also verifies to lenders and prospective buyers that a home is energy efficient.

Real Estate Agents and Private Home Sellers

HERS help home selling agents increase the resale value of their client's home. The results of a HERS analysis identifies improvements needed to align the home with energy performance guidelines. A HERS rating can also qualify buyers for an Energy Efficient Mortgage offered by some lenders to cover the cost of energy-efficiency home improvements.

Home Builders & Home Improvement Contractors

A HERS rating allows contractors to identify energy inefficiencies in newly constructed homes and additions, enabling contractors to address energy issues at the time of construction.

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