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How is it that I can purchase my own energy?

Deregulation of the Power Industry

How is it possible to purchase electricity directly from a retailer without going through the local utility company? In the late 1990s, the federal government deregulated the electric industry, thereby allowing consumers to shop for the most competitively priced electricity supplier through energy brokers. As a result, in 2009, electricity prices in the mid-Atlantic region fell by 45%, resulting in lower rates among retail power suppliers.

Switching to a Retail Electricity Provider is Easy

Switching your electricity provider is as easy as switching your cell phone provider. After choosing your retail electricity provider through QVINTA, you will sign a Terms of Service Agreement, which becomes effective immediately. If you should change your mind, you have three business days after signing the contract to cancel without penalty.

And that's it! Your electric service will not be interrupted and there is no need to rewire your home or perform any construction related work. Remember, you are switching the source from which you buy electricity, not the company that maintains the wiring and delivers the electricity to your community.

Most importantly, the reliable service that you are accustomed to will not change. Your local power company remains the vehicle by which you receive power. Remember, you're only buying your electricity from a more affordable source.