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How to Select the Right Energy Broker or Aggregator?

You should know the type of company that you are dealing with. At QVINTA, we have noticed that some broker websites do not clearly identify themselves as brokers. The websites sometimes link you to the website of a supplier, without clearly identifying that you are being transferred to the website of a different company, or to a sign-up (contract) page of a different company.

We recommend that you ask the following questions if a company contacts you, or if you initiate contact by telephone or through the company website:

  • Do you have a PSC license? What is the license number?
  • Are you a supplier (do you own the gas or electricity supply) or a broker?
  • If you are a broker, what will you do for me?
  • Will you identify multiple supplier offers for me?
  • If not, what will you do for me as a broker?
  • Do you have an arrangement with a single supplier? Who is it? What is the supplier's license number?
  • What would be my arrangement with you?
  • What are the contract terms with the supplier?